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Transforming Safety and Efficiency: The Smartlox Journey

Remember the clunky padlocks, keys and paper forms of yesterday’s padlocks and Lockout Tagout processes? We do. And we knew there had to be a better way.

Born from the combined experience of industry veterans, Smartlox emerged with a mission: “to transform safety and security in heavy industries through the power of digital access control and smart lock devices.” It’s not just about replacing old tech; it’s about creating a safer, more efficient future for the people who keep our world moving.

We saw the frustration with outdated access control and LOTO procedures: misplaced keys, tedious paperwork, and the constant risk of human error. We knew there was a better way to protect workers and assets, streamline processes, and empower businesses to achieve true safety, security and compliance excellence.


So we built Smartlox. A suite of digital solutions that leverages the power of connected padlocks and intuitive mobile apps. It’s about eliminating manual tasks, providing real-time visibility, and ensuring complete control and compliance over every access point.


But we’re not just about technology. We understand the unique challenges of heavy industries, and we’re committed to collaborating with our clients to create solutions that truly meet their needs by bringing enterprise grade digital access control and safety solutions to the world’s most challenging environments.

Smartlox Team

We are an ambitious team of experienced industrial safety tech experts from diverse backgrounds with a depth of expertise in mining and logistics.


What Our Clients Say

At Smartlox, our clients’ satisfaction is paramount. Here’s what they have to say about their experience working with us:

Smart Access. Digital Lockout.

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