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Core Innovation Hub Hot 30 Award Winner

Smartlox has been named one of Australia's Hot 30 most innovative companies solving complex problems
accross the energy, mining and robotics sectors in the 2024 Core Innovation Hub's Hot 30 awards!


Smart Access. Digital Lockout.

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional keys and embrace the future of Digital Lockout and Access Control.


Lockout Process Access Control |

all the way to the lock.

Digital Lockout

Boost productivity, streamline isolations, and help raise safety, quality and compliance across every job.

Smart Access Control

Bring security to offline and remote environments, enhance compliance and secure operations with ease.

Nyckel Mobile App

View access activity by user or access point in real time by generating user reports capturing access events for easy auditing and compliance.

Nyckel Web App

The web application is your all-in-one management tool to give you full control and oversight of your solution.

Make Lockboxes
a thing of the past

The lock becomes your virtual lockbox with infinite people being able to lock on to a single lock – digitally

with Smartlox

Slide to transform your lockout to digital

Slide to transform your lockout to digital

Say goodbye to master keys and key registers

Say goodbye to master keys and key registers that are never kept up to date. All of this is managed in the Nyckel web app

Visibility of your lockout procedures all the way to the lock

Digital Lockout by Smartlox enables you to have complete visibility of your lockout activities. Whether you have a paper-based process or are currently using a more complex digital permitting solution, Smartlox will improve the visibility of your activities and complete your digital journey all the way to the lock.


We Develop Digital Solutions Powered by Smart Padlocks

Whether you are looking to digitise your lockout process or improve access control for your remote sites, we have you covered.

Enhanced Compliance

Streamline your Lockout procedures with our user-friendly digital platform, ensuring every step is automatically documented and auditable, leaving no room for error or non-compliance.

Manage Access

Manage who has access in real time from anywhere. Our Access Control solution allows to to provide or revoke access to all of your sites in real time, without calling a locksmith.

Improved Safety

Eliminate the risks associated with traditional paper-based Lockout systems. Our secure, connected platform ensures clear communication, eliminates the possibility of misplaced tags, and provides real-time updates on isolation status.

Reduced Costs

Our access control solution helps you to cut out the costs associated with lost/stolen keys, complex master key systems and travel to and from sites to collect the keys you need.


Mobile and Web-based Solution

Nyckel is an off-the-shelf solution that assists organisations in managing their access control and lockout challenges.

Learn more about Nyckel Mobile


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Smart Access. Digital Lockout.

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