Brigs Espro and Smartlox partner to bring Smart Access and Digital LOTO to India

Brigs Espro and Smartlox partner to bring Smart Access and Digital LOTO to India

Smartlox, leaders in Digital Lockout Tagout (LOTO) and Smart Access Solutions, and Brigs Espro, a premier provider of Integrated Machine Safety, LOTO, Visual and Digital Workplace Solutions today announced a strategic partnership to bring Smartlox Innovative Technology to the Indian market.

This collaboration leverages the strengths of both companies to offer game-changing digital LOTO and safer access control solutions, designed for businesses and facilities throughout India.

The partnership presents a unique offering where Brigs Espro will:

Brent Wijnberg, General Manager of Smartlox, was thrilled about the big step forward and enthusiastic about the growth of the business.

"This partnership represents a significant step forward in expanding Smartlox's global reach," Brent said.

"Brigs Espro's expertise and established network make them the ideal partner to bring our digital LOTO solutions to the vast Indian market."

Gautam Sawhney, CEO and Co-Founder of Brigs Espro, envisions this partnership as a catalyst for empowering workplaces with cutting-edge solutions which will redefine workplace safety and productivity, setting new standards for excellence and sustainable transformation.

"This collaboration will mark a crucial leap in diversifying Brigs's suite of interconnected safety and productivity services, empowering clients to attain superior sustainable compliance standards,” Gautam said.

Partnering with Smartlox represents an organic progression in Brigs Espro’s unwavering commitment to enhancing workplace safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by both parties in January, 2024.

About Brigs Espro

Brigs Espro, a Safety and Productivity Innovator headquartered in Bangalore India, is steadfast in its mission to elevate workplace safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Through pioneering integrated machine safety & LOTO, visual & digital solutions, coupled with expert consultancy services, we empower organizations to optimize productivity and sustainability. As dedicated safety specialists, we closely collaborate with clients to grasp industry nuances, understand their challenges and deliver bespoke machine safety interlocking, visual and digital solutions. Serving as a singular point of accountability, we oversee all aspects from requirement assessment to design, fabrication, and installation and ensure a seamless implementation as your trusted turnkey provider.

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