The District of Streaky Bay – Access Control

The District of Streaky Bay – Access Control

Streaky Bay, situated on the west coast of Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, hosts a population of around 2,081 people. ‍

The Streaky Bay Waste Management Department, facing challenges with traditional key-based access systems at waste disposal stations, sought to implement a solution that would eliminate manual key usage, ensure precise access control, and enhance overall safety measures.

Implementation Process

Smartlox access control was chosen to address these challenges for its offline functionality, allowing users to seamlessly access secured areas without relying on constant connectivity.

The waste management team actively participated in the initial consultation phase, contributing to policy formulation and outlining their specific access requirements. Key decision-makers involved in the process included the waste management team and the CEO.

Staff were actively engaged throughout the implementation process, with comprehensive training provided to ensure familiarity with the system, addressing key questions related to Bluetooth accessibility, offline capability and access out of hours.

In the three months proceeding implementation 2,806 access events were recorded.

"We felt supported from initial consultation to roll-out. Jack was very helpful and diligent in answering questions about our unique environment."


Since the deployment of the Smartlox access control, the Streaky Bay Waste Management Department has observed measurable improvements in safety, security, and team accountability.

The system allows for real-time tracking of key usage, identifying who has entered and exited the site. The team now has a comprehensive understanding of key location and user activities.

Future Implementation

Encouraged by the success within their waste management department, the Streaky Bay team believes that the Smartlox solution can be successfully adapted across various organisations within local Government. 

The application is particularly relevant in areas requiring staff to have after-hours access and they hope to be able to expand into additional departments when required.

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